Getting Started

Thank you for making the choice to amplify your social media presence. Please get acquainted with how to use your service below.

1. Save your Client ID

To assign our correspondence and the forms we receive from you to your specific account, we will often require that you provide your “client ID”. 

It is the combination of numbers and characters we sent you via email when you signed up for this service. Your client ID starts with the characters ‘SP‘.

Please have a look in your spam email folder for our welcome email. If you can’t find it there, please contact us via the support link in the menu above.

2. Submit your brand identity

It is important that the posts, brochures and newsletters we design for you visually match your existing communication material. 

That is why we require that you send us your corporate identity (also called “CI” or “brand idendity”) as soon as possible, via the Submit Content button in the menu above. 

What we’ll need:

Your logo and business name will be enough for us to begin. We can use them to suggest a colour palette and fonts to use.

We recommend however that down the line, you develop a full brand identity.

Absolutely. Simply use the form on the brand identity submission page like before. In the “additional information” field, please let us know that it is for an identity update.

Once every year, at no extra cost. If you wish to update it more than once a year, you can do so for an extra R500/year.

3. Grant us access to your social accounts

To publish posts and run promotions on your behalf, we will need some level of access to your social accounts. 

This is how to grant us access on various platforms:

If you’re an admin:
  • From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  • Go to your Page and click Page settings in the bottom left.
  • Click Page roles in the left column.
  • Type “Moody and Smith Digital” and select us from the list that appears.
  • Click Editor to select the ‘Editor’ role from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Add and enter your password to confirm.
We will have to accept your invite before we can start helping you manage your page.
If you’d like someone to be able to boost on your Instagram business account, there are three ways to give them the appropriate permissions:
  • Edit Page roles. If you own the Page that is connected to your business’s Instagram account, you can give other people permission to post or boost your business.
  • Add people to your Business Manager. If you’re using Business Manager to manage Page roles, you’ll need to assign roles in Business Manager.
  • Add people to your ad account. Adding people to your advertising account doesn’t give them permissions to log in as you or see things on your profile that you haven’t shared with them.

Please read the full instructions here.

To add us as admins to your Linkedin page, follow the instruction on this page.

During the process, please search for “Moody and Smith Digital” when prompted.

  1. Visit
  2. On the left hand menu, clik on “Accounts”.
  3. In the new tab, click on “Manage team”.
  4. Enter our twitter account handle ( @moodyandsmithdigital )
  5. Finally, click the “Authorize” button.

Or, you can watch the video below for instructions.

Our business ID on Pinterest is: XXX

To add us as a partner:

  1. Log into your Pinterest business account
  2. Click the directional chevron down icon in the top-right corner of your screen
  3. Select Business Access from the menu
  4. Click Partners in the left-side navigation
  5. Click Add partner
  6. Enter your partner’s business ID
  7. Select Invite a partner to access your assets
  8. Click Assign ad accounts to assign permissions to the people you’ve added or click Maybe later if you want to do it later

Please read the full instruction here.

  • Sign up as a TikTok business user here
  • Go to the TikTok Business Center homepage.
  • After logging in, click Create.
  • Name your Business Center and select your time zone.
  • Under the Members tab, click Invite Member.
  • Enter the email address to send an invitation (, and select access type: Admin.
  • Click Next to select the assets and permissions you’d like to assign to this member, then click Confirm.

Please read full instruction here.

Yes. Simply describe your issue on the support page (link in menu) and request phone assistance. One of our social media managers will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Please be advised that due to personnel size, this would not be the fastest option. We recommend that you give the access granting process another try before requesting a call. 

4. Submit content for publishing and make requests using the forms provided

To submit content for publishing:

We use a content submission form to receive the content you would like us to post.

You can access it via the “submit content” link in the menu above. Examples of content to submit include: 

To request photo/video content capture:

You can request that we shoot professional photos and videos of the properties in your portfolio, for use in your promotional materials, emails and on social media.

Please fill our content capturing request form to request a photoshoot. 

Photos of your property, videos of your property and 3D Matterport of your property.

In the content capturing booking form, you will have the opportunity to specify which property you’d like us to shoot, as well as specify a preferred photoshoot day and contact person. 

Then, our team will be in touch to finalise the appointment date and time, as well as send you the identity of the photographer you will see on the day.

On the appointment day, our photographer will contact you prior to and/or on arrival. The photoshoot will happen in your presence. 

Finally, your photos/videos will be edited and made available to you after the appointement. 

5. Become familiar with the posting calendar

Please note:

  • We will post up to 3 times per day and at least once per day on your behalf. 
  • 1 of the 3 posts will be a standard post and the other 2 will be custom.
  • While we create our standard posts from the list below, custom posts will be created using the information you submit on the content submission form.

If you do not provide information for the custom posts for any given day, you will forfeit your custom posts for that day. Standard posts will still go through.

We recommend that you submit the content for your custom posts anytime between a month to 48hrs in advance.

Given that our posting process includes multiple steps plus scheduling, we cannot guarantee same-day publishing.

We recommend that you handle same-day, urgent posts internally.

Please submit your requests at most 48hrs prior to the day of publishing/posting. 

6. Review your post templates

To help your content feel visually consistent, we will often use a set of custom graphic templates. By custom, we mean that these templates will follow your agency’s brand identity. 

We will email you your set of graphic templates for approval before we can begin posting on your page. Your approval will mark the last stage before posting can begin.

We will email them to you within a week of submitting your brand identity

If you still haven’t received yours after a week, please check your spam email folder. If they aren’t there, contact us via the support page.

Account activation checklist

Your account will be fully active after the following has occured:

If you've completed the checklist above

Your Account is
now Active.

Got Questions?

Please review the FAQ provided accross this page. Alternatively, please contact us via the support page.

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