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Wondering what AI chatbots can do for you? Experience the future of communication firsthand by taking our customised chatbot for a spin!

How this model works

The model is a virtual shopping assistant for an insurance product.

We’ve customised the AI assistant on this page to connect with a custom data source about an insurance product. –For your own business, we could have connected it to any data source, such as your products details, Wikis or services.

It can answer any questions about the insurance product we connected it to, and will escalate conversations to a closer if the lead is qualified.

For sensitive topics or concerns, it can hand the user over to a customer service agent to provide extra support.

The model is basic for demonstration purpose, but would be enhanced for your business. Give it a try!

Here is the data source this model uses

This chatbot currently pulls data from the following pdf file. 

  • InsurCar.pdf

We could equally pull data from and not limited to the following file types:

  • Databases
  • docx files
  • epub files
  • pptx files
  • Notion / Airtable / Asana
  • Zendesk
  • And more.

I'm CarBot,
ask me about our car insurance product.

[ Kiz, please insert the Chatbot here. ] Delete the image.

There's more. We only scratched the surface.

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