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We help top tier businesses become first class media companies, so they can maintain the attention & relevance needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Dear Marketing Manager,

Unless you become a media company in this digital world, you’ll die.
Unless you become a media company in this digital world, you’ll lose relevance.
Unless you become a media company in this digital world, you’ll lose the attention of those you wish to serve.

Linkedin purchased Lynda to become a media company. Apple+ is not a fluke. Unilever sells physical goods, yet it’s shifting its attention to digitalising its existence. Why?

Because unless you become digital centric, command attention, listen to how your customer’s needs & habits are changing and lead the narratives within your industry, you’ll die.

Without acquiring new digital assets, adding a marketplace, business pages & events, Facebook would have lost relevance by now. No business —including yours— grows by losing relevance. Relevance in a digital world must adopt a digital form and live where attention lives.

So unless you become a media company in this digital world, you’ll die. And no, four social media posts a week are not enough. As a matter of fact, just enough is never enough.

Where PayPal once lead in creative ecommerce solutions, they’re now copying  Afterpay for failure to listen to those who couldn’t afford instant full payments. They’re following, for failure to do enough.

Here’s another example. Banks. They monopolised the financial drum beat until the block chain presented an alternative. Guess who’s now trying to join the party late? Where these 2 institutions once led, they now follow.

Kodak led, then followed. Nokia led, then followed.

Big companies fail and industries get disrupted when they fail to pay attention to where attention is going.

Unless you become a media company and keep your finger on the pulse of culture, your business will eventually be left behind regardless of marketshare, size or geographical location.

Telco’s lost the monopoly on SMS when WhatsApp showed up, whether they were in India, England or South Africa. When AirBnB affected the Hotel industry in the West, Africa felt safe until it didn’t. When Uber ate taxi margins in the West, Africa felt safe until it didn’t.

It’s only a matter of time before the biggest and brightest in Africa receive their digital eviction notice from a business that’s more in touch with attention.

Now, you can choose to pretend you didn’t just read this, die in peace and become a case study, or we can get you started on the first stage to develop a media appendage than can keep your competition at bay and draw your customers close:

Quality content.

The sad truth is,

A great product & customer service are NOT enough to thrive anymore.

Without attention & relevance in this digital world, most businesses will wither

Out of sight = Out of attention = Out of relevance = Out of business

To gain endless clients, be acquired or develop new sources of revenue,

You have to become a media company.

We Can Help You

Become top of mind everywhere you compete

Our Media Creating Services Include:


Captivating Content Creation

There is a proven relationship between affinity and length of exposure. The more captivating your content, the more affinity your audience builds with your business.


Community Management

The natural result of captivating content is a more active audience. We will engage with your audience so they can feel heard and closer to your business.


Customer Service

Your digital channels will naturally evolve to welcome customer queries. Our professional team has the tools, systems & empathy to assist or point them in the right direction.


Digital Marketing

We’ll help you attract more customers, more audience and more business through each stage of your digital growth.

Case Study: Using media to generate revenue

Over 1 million web sessions per month in 1 year. Tripled.

In addition to expanding Private Property’s library of backlinks and profitable digital assets, we helped grow a healthy social media presence to foster better market affinity and authority, all while optimising ad spend.


Organic Facebook Impressions


Comments Responded


Youtube Subscriber Growth

Why we're better at this than classic digital agencies

Classic Agencies
Moody and Smith Digital
Typical agencies create one hit wonders. i.e short term projects. We create sustainable, long term growth.
Agencies demand the world from strangers in a short time. We cultivate deep, lasting customer affinity and alignment.
Agencies forever demand that you spend. We create growth that eventually funds itself.
While most agencies focus on a few aspects of your digital health, we develop a  complete view of your customers, leads, public status, opportunities and challenges.

Can we create profit through content for traditionally sober businesses?

Answer: Yes.

We help banks, B2B’s and traditionally sober (“boring”) businesses create captivating content that lands more clients and reduces marketing costs. More specifically, we work on a per-case basis to identify what type of content your business should start producing right now to generate attention and  revenue. Sometimes this results in content that is inspirational, educational, entertaining or takes your audience behind-the-scenes.

Examples of boring businesses turned attention magnets

All this to say: Out of sight, out of business.

Becoming visible will help you build the attention, relevance and financial equity needed to remain open and thrive in today’s digital landscape. 

With a partner like us, you'll get there in no time.

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