How To Get The Most Value Out of Your Event Content

Events are a powerful way to connect with your audience. Unlike other marketing efforts, events inspire, teach, and entertain while bringing people together. Even better, events give you the opportunity to create some epic content for better engagement with your digital audience.

While this seems like a great win, getting the right content from your event is harder than it seems. Implementing that content is another challenge that you might face.

With this easy guide, however, you’ll be able to get the most value out of your event content – so keep reading!


What is Event Content?


As the name suggests, ‘event content’ is any sort of content that you create and post about an event. Not only does it include the basics, like the time, place, and main attraction, but also promotional content. Event content is also content you create from the event itself – like quotes from speakers.

Event marketing is a powerful tool, but if you don’t leverage your content effectively, you won’t get the results you want. So let’s get straight into how you can the most out of your event content.


Before The Event


Plan Ahead and Check Your Priorities


Failing to plan is planning to fail – wise words that ring true for every aspect of life; including event marketing.

Your first step in getting the most out of your event content is to define the event’s goals and objectives clearly. From there, you can decide what kind of content to prioritise.

This way, you can nail down the kind of content you create, and what you can draw from the event. There are several other benefits to creating an event marketing plan – learn all about it here!


Create and Post Pre-Event Content


Once your event marketing plan is set, it’s time to post some content about your event. This content is usually Pre-Event content. As the name suggests, this content tells your target audience everything they need to know about your event. However, this content should also aim to increase hype and excitement about your event.

Some great examples of pre-event content are:

    • Countdown posts
    • Past-Event recaps
    • Event informational posts
    • Speaker posts
    • Sponsor Posts
    • Event Promo Post
Pre-Event Content for REIS Sponsors
Pre-Event Content REIS Map
Pre-Event Content Countdown
Pre-Event Content Info Post for REIS
Pre-Event Content for REIS Speaker Post

During The Event

Get The Right Content

Getting the right content means never missing out on those epic moments. There’s nothing worse than missing out on a fantastic quote or moment that could make your post-event content creation much easier.

You can capitalise on these great moments by taking notes during speeches and attendee interactions. You’ll want to jot down key points, audience reactions, and any moment that generated any sort of emotional response.

While you might have gotten plenty of usable content during your event., the smart move is to check your data and analytics. This way you can see what aspects of your event your attendees loved the most.

Chances are, these moments will be just as well received during your post-event marketing campaign.

Capitalise On Live Posting

While post-event marketing is important, one of the best ways to create event content is to do live posting. This also helps you stay on top of key moments during your events and can help your audience stay engaged.

What is Live Event Content?

Live event content is anything you post during the course of your event. Overall, this content helps you generate easy content and can help you better engage with your audience.

While most of your target audience will be attending your event, by posting engaging live content, they’ll feel like an integral aspect of your event.

Live content can also help those who couldn’t attend your event feel included. Even better, it generates a sense of FOMO – increasing the chance of people attending your next event!

Live event content includes:

    • Live recordings of the event
    • Speaker interviews
    • Snap-Shots of the event
    • Hourly recaps / mini-event recaps

After The Event

Atomise Your Content

Once you’ve planned your event and the kind of content you want, you can start thinking about how you can utilise some of it in the future. The best way to do this is through content atomising.

Content atomising is the breaking down of content into smaller, focused chunks. This helps you increase your content load with little effort.

Atomising content isn’t difficult. There are three different ways you break down the content you take from your event; refreshing, remixing, or repurposing.

An example is creating a blog post from a key speech from one of the top speakers at your event. You could also create great social media posts using some stellar points and quotes from your speakers.

Overall, atomising your content will also aid in generating consistent messaging across your various platforming – which is always a win!


What Is Post-Event Content?

Post-event content is exactly what it sounds like – any event content that’s posted once your event is over. Atomising your content helps you generate a host of unique post-event content that can take on many forms.

Like live-event content, post-event content should aim to generate a sense of urgency from those who couldn’t attend. But it should also aim to remind those who did attend that your event was epic and that they should definitely attend the next one!

Post-event content is:

  • Event recaps
  • Event reels or TikToks
  • Thank you posts

Getting the right kind of event content can seem daunting. But, with this simple guide, not only will you be able to create awesome content, but you’ll get the most value out of it!

Better yet, get in touch with us today, to learn all about our event marketing services!

Get That Event Content!

Getting the right kind of event content can seem daunting. But, with this simple guide, not only will you be able to create awesome content, but you’ll get the most value out of it!

Better yet, get in touch with us today, to learn all about our event marketing services!

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