7 Ways To Market A New Property Development

Market A New Property Development

As a property developer, you understand how important marketing is to the success of your new development. But how should a property development be marketed the right way so it reaches the right people, namely leads and buyers? How you market a new property development will ultimately determine how many units you sell and the […]

4 Reasons Why A Corporate Video Is Important For Your Business

Why Corporate video Is important

Most people would rather learn about a brand, product or service through video. Whether you like it or not, video is here to stay. The question is, how do you sell your brand to your audience through video? The answer is simple – corporate videos. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about […]

How To Get The Most Value Out of Your Event Content

How To Get Value Out of Event Content -- feature image

Events are a powerful way to connect with your audience. Unlike other marketing efforts, events inspire, teach, and entertain while bringing people together. Even better, events give you the opportunity to create some epic content for better engagement with your digital audience. While this seems like a great win, getting the right content from your […]

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

video marketing strategy

Have you ever watched a commercial and then immediately gone to look up the product online? Or perhaps you’ve seen a how-to video that made you want to try the product for yourself. If so, then you’re already familiar with the power of a video marketing strategy. By creating engaging and informative videos, marketing teams […]

How to Create an Amazing Customer Persona for Real Estate Marketing

customer persona

Creating a customer persona for your real estate marketing can seem like a daunting process but is essential to your business’s success. This article will explain what a customer persona is, how you can define the characteristics of your ideal customer and this information can be used effectively to market your business.   What Is […]

Top 8 Tools For Digital Marketing To Boost Your Real Estate Agency

tools for digital marketing

When it comes to succeeding in the real estate industry, you need to have an edge. In today’s world, that edge has everything to do with tech and digital marketing. Luckily, there are great tools for digital marketing out there that make things much easier and more manageable, even if you’re new to the world […]

Why Optimising Your Website is Vital For Real Estate Agents.

Optimising Your Website

As a real estate agent, your website is your digital business card. It not only helps you sell homes but also you and your brand. Optimising your website is a must to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward, attracting potential clients, and staying ahead of the competition. Keep reading to find out why […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing Funnels.

Digital Marketing Funnels

Making sure you have an effective digital marketing funnel is essential to success in the modern marketplace. By understanding what a digital marketing funnel is and how it works, you can design a funnel that meets the unique needs of your business and generates leads that convert into customers.  In this guide, we’ll explain what […]

7 Essential Persuasive Writing Tips You Need To Start Using Immediately

Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing is material designed to persuade or convince people to do things. Persuasive writing speaks to readers. It tells them why your product or service makes them happier, richer, or more productive. Before you start typing, answer this simple question first: What is the purpose of this piece of content?   1. Answer the […]

7 Free Social Media To Try Before You Quit Real Estate

Social Media Marketing

(Guaranteed to deliver value – Real Estate) Are you considering quitting real estate? Before you do, make sure you try out these 7 social media networks. They could be the key to keeping you in the business! With their engaged communities and creative features, they’re perfect for real estate professionals of all levels. So what […]

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