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Let’s face it – an event is worthless without an audience. With the right event marketing, you can get the attendance your event deserves. Let Moody and Smith Digital market your event the RIGHT way.

Our Event
Marketing Process

Step 1: Goal Setting

Every promotion journey starts with a goal-setting session with you and your team. By clearly defining your goals, we can focus on the right target throughout the event marketing process – maximising attendance and enjoyment! 

To clarify your event goals, we will ensure we understand:

  • Your vision of event success
  • Measurable event outcomes you hope to attain
  • The business needs you are aiming to fulfil by running your event
  • How you’ll measure return on investment for the event
  • Detailed attendees personas
  • The event theme, pitch and description
  • The event sponsors and agenda

Step 2: Planning & Strategy

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. That’s why we develop a methodical planning process for every event we promote. We’ll gather the necessary resources, identify opportunities, and develop an overall event marketing plan that will deliver your target audience to your event, including: 

  • Audience acquisition plan (i.e event marketing funnel)
  • Content marketing plan & content narrative
  • Audience engagement touchpoints
  • Event marketing branding and creative
  • Live event engagement plan
  • Post-event engagement plan

Step 3: Promotion & Marketing Execution

As we execute your event’s marketing strategy, we’ll stick to the plan we’ve developed and dedicate all necessary resources to the strategy’s success. 

We will benchmark our success by regularly measuring engagement and registration. This includes running pre-approved strategy promotions across every attendee touchpoint, such as:

  • Early Bird Promotion
  • Returning Attendee Promotion
  • Last Chance Promotion
  • Flash Discounts
  • Sponsorship Promotion

We'll Promote Your Event In 3 Phases:

Phase 1: Before The Event

Pre-Event Promotion

Before any event, you need to generate interest and get as much information to your target audience as possible, so you can drive attendance. Our wide range of services will you do just that! 

Promotion Services:

Custom event website & blog

An event website where you can professionally showcase your event, speakers and sponsors, sell tickets, and keep your audience up to date. 

Search engine marketing (organic & paid)

Increase your visibility across search engines for event-related search terms to attract event attendees. 

Content marketing

Provide engaging, valuable and relevant content to the right audience in various formats to boost interest, social sharing and referrals.

Social media marketing

We will showcase your event via social media channels, assess which event messages resonate best, deliver insights and lead exited audiences through your event booking funnels.

PPC and remarketing

Deliver relevant event information and ticket purchase invitation to potential attendees across the internet, with periodic reminders based on their interactions with your website.

Email Marketing

Generate FOMO, promote ticket purchases and deliver relevant information leading up to the event day by sending targeted emails. 

Micro-influencer marketing

Increase your event’s social visibility by leveraging existing trendsetters, thought leaders and subject matter authorities, and drive more peer-to-peer recommendations for your event.

WhatsApp Chatbots

Accelerate the decision-making among potential attendees by delivering on-demand, relevant and human answers via automated chatbots.

Community management

Make your community feel connected to your event well before it happens, via social groups, communities and human-to-human interactions to drive up event advocacy.

Phase 2: During The Event

Live Event Engagement

Events with low audience interaction levels tend to be painful and quickly forgotten. With our tools though, you can drive interaction, so your event won’t suffer this fate. 

Some of the tools we use online and offline include: 

  • Signup Entertainment
  • Photo Booths
  • Push Notifications
  • Live Polling
  • Session Q&A’s
  • Contests and Trivia
  • Live Surveys
Phase 3: After The Event

Post-Event Engagement

To ensure that your event marketing efforts result in long-term engagement with your target audience, it’s important to assess the event’s effectiveness, learn from any mistakes made, continue to build relationships and drive sales.

To achieve this, we deliver the following:

  • Thank you emails
  • Event recap content distribution (videos delivered via web, mail and social)
  • Feedback collection (e.g: Post-event surveys)
  • Sharing future happenings
  • Inviting attendees to join your community.

Event Promotion Packages

Pack 1

Pre-Event Promotion

R25 000

Pack 2

Live engagement & Post event engagement

R35 000

Pack 3

Pre-event promotion, Live engagement & Post event engagement

R50 000

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